Before you contact the Inquiry, please bear in mind that it is still in its establishment phase. It does not yet have in place all of the processes and systems necessary for it to carry out its important work. The Inquiry will be inviting people to participate and provide evidence, and information on how to do so will be published in due course.

The Inquiry will publish updates and information on its website, so that the public are kept informed of the Inquiry’s progress. In the meantime, if you need to get in touch with the Inquiry, please contact the email below. 

If you require any type of translation of the website content please contact the email below.

Ma tha eadar-theangachadh Gàidhlig a dhìth de nì sam bith air an làraich-lìn cuiribh fios don phost-d gu h-ìosal.

You can also write to the Inquiry at:

Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry 


Media enquiries

If you are a journalist and have a question please contact our communications team using the email address below: