Get Involved

How can I engage with the Inquiry? 

Everyone in Scotland has been affected by the COVID-19 pandemic so it is right that everyone has the opportunity to engage with the Inquiry.  

As the Inquiry progresses, everyone will have the opportunity to: 

  • keep up to date with the Inquiry’s progress via our newsletters and sign up to receive news alerts directly to their inbox;
  • respond to any requests issued by the Inquiry for written evidence and documentation; 
  • view public hearings (except for any hearings held in private) which are broadcast on the day and made available via the Inquiry's YouTube channel
  • read transcripts of public hearings and any documents (including expert reports); 
  • read any witness statements
  • where invited by the Inquiry, give evidence as a witness by providing a statement and/or giving evidence at a public hearing; and 
  • read records and documents published by the Inquiry as part of its investigation, and its reports. 

Some parties will also take part in the Inquiry as core participants. To find out more information, please visit the core participant section of the website. 

Let's Be Heard

Let’s Be Heard, the Inquiry's listening project, allows you to tell the Inquiry about your experiences of the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland, in relation to these areas in the Inquiry's Terms of Reference.

The aim of Let's Be Heard is to enable people who have been affected by the devolved strategic response to the pandemic to tell the Inquiry about their experience, the impact it has had on them and people they know, and the lessons they feel should be learned from it so we are better prepared in future.

You can share your experiences of the pandemic by visiting Let’s Be Heard’s Share your experiences with us page.

Let's Be Heard is playing a vital role in recording these experiences and insights from individuals and groups to help inform the Inquiry's investigations, reporting and recommendations.

You can find out more about Let’s Be Heard and the work the team have been doing by visiting the Let's Be Heard website.