Protocols, Notices and Orders

Protocols, Notices and Orders are documents produced by the Inquiry which explain some of the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry’s procedures. Further Protocols, Notices and Orders will be added during the lifetime of the Inquiry after being approved by the Chair.


This page contains the protocols detailing some of the ways you can engage with the Inquiry, as well as applications for doing so, including:

  • Protocol on Applying for Core Participant Status
  • Protocol on Applications for Restriction Orders
  • Protocol on Applying for Witness Expenses 
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This page contains notices the Inquiry has published or sent out to individuals and organisations to advise on its investigations and the way it will operate. This includes:

  • "Do Not Destroy" letters
  • Statement of approach to criticism
  • Privacy Notice
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Restriction Orders

This page contains orders that restrict the disclosure or publication of certain evidence items held by the Inquiry. Some orders are applied across all Inquiry hearings, whereas some are specific to particular witnesses.

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