Inquiry costs

In line with the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry’s commitment to transparency, information on the cost of the Inquiry will be published on the Inquiry website on a quarterly basis.


Period  Costs Total to date
Start of Inquiry to 21 March 2022 £422,000 £422,000
1 April to 30 June 2022 £521,000 £943,000
1 July to 30 September 2022 £1,092,000 £2,035,000


The Inquiry is sponsored and funded by the Scottish Government but carries out its investigating and reporting functions, like any other public inquiry, in an entirely independent way.

As the Inquiry is independent of Scottish Government, it has to be set up from scratch. Costs involved with setting up and running an inquiry include staffing and infrastructure such as IT systems, equipment, premises, and the legal team required for the process. 

Future expenses will include funding awards and witness costs. For more information on these costs please see our Statement of Intent on funding.