Protocol on Applying for Witness Expenses

This protocol sets out the application process for witnesses to claim expenses. 

Protocol on Leave to Appear

This Protocol sets out the application process for Leave to Appear at Inquiry hearings. 

Protocol on Applications for Restriction Orders

This Protocol sets out the process for parties to apply for a Restriction Order and the process that the Chair and the Inquiry’s legal team will follow when processing such applications.

Protocol on Public Access to Documents

This protocol is about the redaction of information by the Inquiry from documents before they are published. It also explains the procedure to be followed if any document provider wishes information to be redacted or otherwise not provided to the Inquiry.

Protocol on Applying for Core Participant Status

This protocol explains the process of applying for core participant status within the Inquiry. Parties designated by the Inquiry as core participants have some additional rights as explained in the Inquiry's Core Participant Protocol. 

Protocol on Applying for Legal Expenses

This protocol explains who is eligible to apply for their legal expenses to be paid by the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry. It covers the application process, and how decisions are made about who should be given an award.

Protocol for Receipt and Handling of Information

This protocol describes how the Inquiry will obtain and manage the information it receives.