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As the Inquiry progresses, we will continue to publish news updates and information on our website. You can also sign-up to receive the latest news updates by email. 

Please email us at for any of the following: 

  • Correspondence for the attention of the Chair of the Inquiry; 
  • Assistance or support with accessing information on our website, or to request translations; 
  • General enquiries about the Inquiry's remit, which is explained on the Terms of Reference page; 
  • General enquiries relating to hearings; and 
  • All other general enquiries relevant to the Inquiry's investigations. 

Please note, the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry cannot investigate individual cases in relation to the pandemic in Scotland. 

You can also write to the Inquiry at:


Media enquiries

If you are a journalist and have a question please contact our communications team using the email address below.

Please note, public inquiries are not subject to Freedom of Information legislation.