Information about hearings

Information about hearings

Hearings currently take place at George House, 126 George Street, Edinburgh, and are broadcast through the Inquiry’s YouTube channel, which also has videos of all the Inquiry’s previous hearings.

Media enquiries should be directed to

All documentary and other evidence produced at the Inquiry's hearings will be made available in our Document and Evidence Library following the hearing in which they are presented. 

Transcripts for each day will be made available shortly after each session in their respective hearings pages.

Attending a hearing

Anyone wishing to attend a hearing in person must request a place in advance. Requests can be made by email to

You do not have to attend in person in order to watch each hearing. Broadcasts of each session are available on the Inquiry's YouTube channel.

Hearings timetables can be found on our news page. Requests to attend should be submitted by email to with the following information:

  • Name;
  • date(s) requested;
  • core participant group (if applicable);
  • role (e.g. group member, legal/lay representative/member of the public); and
  • venue preference (i.e., hearing room or viewing room).

Information for witnesses and attendees

Information and guidance for any witnesses, members of core participant groups and members of the public attending the Inquiry's hearings will be made available here.

Streams and other information specific to individual sessions is available via our Hearings Hub.

Venue familiarisation video

The Inquiry has produced a short video to assist and provide information to those attending hearings at George House, Edinburgh.