Welcome to the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry

The Inquiry is investigating the COVID-19 pandemic in Scotland. The Inquiry will establish the facts about the devolved response to the COVID-19 pandemic, in order to identify what lessons there are for the future. 

People in Scotland have suffered as a result of COVID-19. We want to learn from the handling of the pandemic and we will examine what was done to face the challenge. The Inquiry will report on what worked well, areas where things could have been done better, and make recommendations. 

Human Rights and Equalities

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry is committed to ensuring that human rights issues are addressed properly throughout its operations. While the Inquiry cannot make findings about whether individual rights have been breached, as the Inquiry carries out its investigations it will consider adverse effects on the exercise of human rights and equalities issues where relevant.

Latest News & Research

Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry opens first round of funding application processĀ 

Published: 23/12/2022 - 9:57am

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has today launched its application process for those wishing to claim funding from the Inquiry to cover legal expenses.  

Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry secures premises

Published: 22/12/2022 - 12:04pm

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has signed a lease for premises at Waverley Gate, Edinburgh.

Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry announces core participants

Published: 08/12/2022 - 8:30am

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has published the list of individuals, groups and organisations granted core participant status by Lord Brailsford, the Inquiry Chair.