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Watch past broadcasts of the Inquiry's Health and Social Care Impact Hearings.

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry's Health and Social Care Impact Hearings are due to resume in March 2024. 

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About the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry is investigating the devolved strategic response to the coronavirus pandemic in Scotland between 1 January 2020 and 31 December 2022.

The independent Inquiry will establish the facts, identify the lessons that need to be learned and make recommendations to Scottish Ministers, so we are better prepared in future.

People have suffered because of COVID-19 in Scotland and their experiences during the pandemic will be at the heart of the Inquiry's work, guiding its investigations and informing its reports.


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Introductory film

The Inquiry produced a short film as a formal and lasting recognition of the suffering caused by the COVID-19 pandemic to the people of Scotland.

The film was screened at the start of the Inquiry's preliminary hearing on 28 August 2023 at Murrayfield Stadium, Edinburgh.

An audio described version of this film is available on the Inquiry's YouTube channel.

Latest News & Research

Inquiry's evidence sources explained in short video

Published: 16/02/2024 - 12:05pm

In a series of videos answering commonly asked questions about how the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry works, Ian Duddy explains how the Inquiry gathers evidence to inform its investigations and reports.

Differences between Scottish and UK Inquiries explained in short video

Published: 05/02/2024 - 1:12pm

The first in a series of short videos has been published, answering commonly asked questions about how the Inquiry works.

Inquiry announces dates for next tranche of impact hearings

Published: 22/01/2024 - 4:00pm

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry will resume its health and social care impact hearings on 12 March 2024, continuing through to 28 March before a short pause over the Easter break.