Hearing structure and sequence

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has adopted a thematic approach to its investigations and hearings, giving priority to evidence from people most impacted by the pandemic in Scotland.

The three themes are:

For each of these themes, the Inquiry will first look at the impact of the pandemic, then the implementation of measures, and finally, key decision-making.

More information about which Terms of Reference will be covered in each theme will be made available as investigations progress and engagement with core participants and other interested parties continue.

The Inquiry has published a Restriction Order pertaining to Health and Social Care. Minutes from the Inquiry's Planning Meeting are available online.

The thematic approach seeks to bring the experiences of people in Scotland to the forefront of our investigations, ensuring the human impact of the pandemic is captured.

The Inquiry will hold its first public hearing this summer, as a ‘scene-setting’ evidence session on the epidemiology of COVID-19 to provide a factual background to support all further investigations and hearings.

The evidence gathered at public hearings will inform the Inquiry’s ongoing work across its investigative portfolios, the issues examined at future hearings, and its reports.