Investigative Portfolios

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has structured parts of its investigation so that four investigating teams each investigate a different portfolio. The portfolio structure means the four teams can investigate concurrently, reducing the overall time the Inquiry will take.

The four portfolios each contain particular areas from the Inquiry’s Terms of Reference. It is anticipated that this portfolio structure will guide aspects of further procedure. We will bear in mind that there will inevitably be overlaps between some portfolios and will work to avoid duplication.

The four portfolios, together with the areas of the Terms of Reference within them, are below.

Portfolio 1 – Public sector response

a) pandemic planning and exercises carried out by the Scottish Government;

b) the decisions to lockdown and to apply other restrictions and the impact of those restrictions;

c) the delivery of a system of testing, outbreak management and self-isolation;

d) the design and delivery of a vaccination strategy;

e) the supply, distribution and use of Personal Protective Equipment; and

f) the requirement for shielding and associated assistance programmes, provided or supported by public agencies.

Portfolio 2 - Financial and welfare support to businesses and individuals

j) welfare assistance programmes, for example those relating to benefits or the provision of food, provided or supported by public agencies; and

l)  financial support and guidance given to businesses and the self-employed, including in relation to identification of keyworkers, by public agencies.

Portfolio 3 – The provision of health and social care services

g) in care and nursing homes: the transfer of residents to or from homes, treatment and care of residents, restrictions on visiting, infection prevention and control, and inspections; 

h) the provision of healthcare services and social care support, including the management and support of staff and the recognition, involvement and support of unpaid carers; and

i) the delivery of end-of-life care and the use of DNACPR (do not attempt cardiopulmonary resuscitation decisions).

Portfolio 4 – Education, certification, impact on children and young people

k) the delivery of education and certification.