Human Rights and Equalities

Human rights and equalities are important to the Inquiry and will be taken into account throughout its work. Paragraph 6(b) of the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry’s Terms of Reference explicitly refers to human rights. Paragraph 6(c) of the Terms of Reference refers to unequal impacts on people, and so includes consideration of inequalities arising from the handling of the pandemic.   

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry is independent. Fairness is of the utmost importance and will underpin the Inquiry’s decisions about its procedure and conduct. The Inquiry will report in a reasonable time. 

When we are investigating the 12 areas in our Terms of Reference, we will consider whether the handling of the pandemic had any adverse effects on the exercise of human rights. However, the Inquiry has no power to determine any person’s civil or criminal liability, including whether particular human and equality rights have been violated in individual cases. 

The Inquiry will also ensure its work complies with human rights and equalities legislation.