Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry announces core participants

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has published the list of individuals, groups and organisations granted core participant status by Lord Brailsford, the Inquiry Chair. The full list can be found here

Core participants have a central role in public inquiries and are afforded particular rights, as explained in the Inquiry’s Core Participant Protocol

This includes: 

  • making statements when the Inquiry holds public hearings, unless the Chair directs otherwise; 

  • proposing questions for Counsel to the Inquiry to ask witnesses; 

  • with the Chair’s permission, asking questions of witnesses at a public hearing; and 

  • being provided with advance copies of the Inquiry’s reports relating to their interest in the Inquiry. 

All applicants for core participant status were notified yesterday of the Chair’s decision. 

There may also be opportunities for individuals and organisations that have not applied already, to apply for core participant status at a later stage of the Inquiry. Further information will be made available on the Inquiry website regarding any such additional opportunities, as appropriate.  

It is not necessary for everyone wishing to be involved in the Inquiry to apply for core participant status. You can find more information here about ways to participate in the work of the Inquiry.  

The Inquiry will publish its Funding Protocol and application process shortly. The Protocol will set out the Inquiry’s procedures, which should be followed if relevant parties wish to apply for funding from the Inquiry.