Protocols and Notices

Protocols and notices are documents produced by the Inquiry which explain some of the  Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry’s procedures. Further protocols and notices will be added during the lifetime of the Inquiry after being approved by the Chair.

Protocol for Receipt and Handling of Information

This protocol describes how the Inquiry will obtain and handle the information it receives.

Privacy Notice

This notice explains how the Inquiry will collect and handle personal data.

Statement of Intent

This document is the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry’s Statement of Intent on Funding.

Protocol on Public Access To Documents

This protocol is about redaction of information by the Inquiry from documents before they are published. It also explains the procedure to be followed if any document provider wishes information to be redacted or otherwise not provided to the Inquiry.

Do Not Destroy Letters

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has issued a series of “do not destroy” letters to a range of organisations or individuals that may hold information relevant to the Inquiry’s investigation.

Protocol on Applying for Core Participant Status

This protocol, and subsequent application form, explain the process of applying for core participant status within the Inquiry.