Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry publishes Academic Scoping Research

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has today (15 June, 2022) published the introductory research commissioned as part of the planning process in the early stages of the Inquiry establishment.

The research will assist the Inquiry with decisions about the shape and direction of its investigation.

The reports can be found here, and include research from academic institutions including the Universities of Dundee, Edinburgh, Edinburgh Napier, Glasgow, Highlands and Islands, and Birmingham.

This research serves as one of the many sources of information the Inquiry will consider before it reports, and represents the views of those who wrote it. Nothing in the research is binding on the Inquiry.

As a scoping exercise, the research does not cover everything the Inquiry will be investigating. Instead it represents preliminary work to inform the Inquiry's approach.

During the course of the Inquiry's investigation, participants will have an opportunity to provide evidence and put forward their points of view through various mechanisms set up by the Inquiry, including commenting on the research if they wish to do so.