Inquiry publishes supplementary academic research reports

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has published further academic research relating to two of the Inquiry’s investigative portfolios:

  • financial and welfare support to businesses and individuals; and
  • the provision of health and social care services.

These reports update the Inquiry’s introductory academic research, which was published in June 2022 and covered the period up to April 2022.

These new reports extend the scope of that research to cover the entire period the Inquiry is investigating, up to 31 December 2022, as well as some additional areas specified by the investigations team.

These research reports assist the Inquiry in its investigations and preparations for public hearings. 

Academic research reports are one of several sources of information the Inquiry will consider before issuing its findings. They represent the views of their authors. Nothing in them is binding on the Inquiry and they should not be seen to pre-empt the Inquiry’s eventual conclusions and recommendations.

View all academic research published by the Inquiry