Inquiry announces timetable for its next Health and Social Care Impact Hearings (14–17 May)

The provisional timetable for the Inquiry's Health and Social Care Impact Hearings (14–17 May) is as follows: 

Tuesday 14 May – finishing at 2.45 pm

  • Michelle Morrison - PAMIS
  • Wendy Scott-Crawford - PAMIS
  • Pat Graham - PAMIS

Wednesday 15 May – closed session, 11.15 am to 12.30 pm

  • HSC0209 – Anonymous witness

Thursday 16 May –11.15am to 12.30pm

  • Cass MacDonald – Scottish Healthcare Workers Coalition

Friday 17 May

  • HSC0163 – Anonymous witness
  • Amy Small – Scottish Healthcare Workers Coalition
  • Gail Cunningham – Independent witness
  • Fiona Purchase – Pandemic Response Adult Social Care Group



Anyone wishing to attend a hearing in person must request a place in advance. Requests can be made by email to  

For those not attending in person, proceedings can be watched on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel, which also has videos of all the Inquiry’s previous hearings. Live broadcasts will also be available on the homepage of the Inquiry website and remain there as a recording until the following hearing. 

Sessions will usually start at 9.45am and finish at approximately 4.15pm, except where noted. Daily timetables are published on the Hearings page. Please check the Inquiry’s social media account on X for live updates on session start and break times.  

Further guidance for witnesses and attendees is available on the Information for Witnesses and Attendees page. 

Media enquiries should be directed to

The Inquiry is committed to being trauma-informed and person-centred and welcomes feedback in relation to attendance at hearings. Any queries or feedback can be sent to