Let’s Be Heard: Sharing Respondents' Pandemic Experiences, Impacts, and Lessons to be Learned in Scotland | Page 6

Do the interim findings in this report reflect your experiences?

Let’s Be Heard wants to know if the responses in this report represent your pandemic experience in Scotland and invites you to add to these voices and share your own unique experience.

What would you like to tell the Inquiry to ensure your voice is heard?

Let’s Be Heard invites you to answer three questions around experience, impacts and lessons to be learned by visiting its online platform lbh.covid19inquiry.scot, emailing LetsBeHeard@covid19inquiry.scot or writing to the project at Freepost SCOTTISH COVID-19 INQUIRY. 

Paper forms (also in large print and braille), easy-reads and forms in Scotland’s most commonly spoken languages are all available and other versions or formats are available on request. BSL and audio submissions can also be submitted through Let’s Be Heard’s online platform.

For Scotland to be better prepared in future, it is important the Inquiry hears directly from people about what happened to them during the pandemic and understands the lessons they believe should be learned.

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