Public Launch of the Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry

The Scottish COVID-19 Inquiry has been set up and is officially launched.

The COVID-19 pandemic has been a tragedy, with the death of so many, and others who have suffered in many different ways.

The Inquiry will work independently to establish the facts in an open and transparent way in order to determine what lessons can be learned for the future.

The Inquiry’s official set up date was 28 February 2022, which enabled it to consider introductory scoping research as part of its planning process. The Inquiry’s public launch is 25 May 2022, marked by its bespoke website becoming available, to provide the public with information about its processes.  

As the Inquiry is independent, it has to be set up from scratch. It has been working at pace to recruit an Inquiry team, find premises and put in infrastructure. The Inquiry’s counsel team commenced preparatory work at the beginning of March 2022. There is ongoing recruitment for key positions. All of this groundwork takes time, but is an essential first stage to put the Inquiry in a position to carry out its important investigatory functions.  

The Inquiry will proceed to its formal investigatory stage once it has the necessary systems in place to underpin an inquiry of this scale. The Inquiry is not yet in a position for people to provide evidence and information to it. Once it is, information will be provided including on this website about how people can participate.